The process of becoming a United States citizen takes about six to 12 months to complete. That process includes getting a green card, taking a citizenship test and undergoing an interview. More »

Marriage to a U.S. citizen provides conditional permanent residence to an immigrant and makes him eligible for a green card after three years, according to AllLaw. A person gets to work at any legal work of his choosing ... More »

United States citizen requirements are put in place to instruct prospective American citizens on the proper process. This process must be followed in order to attain U.S. citizenship. More »

You can acquire dual citizenship in the United States in one of several ways. The most common method involves being born in America to immigrant parents, according to FindLaw. You can also become a naturalized U.S. citiz... More » Government & Politics Immigration

Being a good citizen involves more than voting as a member of a state and nation. Good citizens care about their fellow citizens. More »

Applying for citizenship in the United States is a structured process. In order to become a United States citizen, a person must follow a certain order of requirements. More »

Dual citizenship is when two separate nations consider an individual to be a citizen of their country. It is also possible to be a citizen of three or more countries. There are no specific forms or applications required ... More » Government & Politics Immigration