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How do you even know if you need recommendations? If you’re considering joining a sorority this year, enthusiastic Greek friends and relatives may have already bombarded you with advice about rush.In addition to being given pointers on how to dress and what to say, you may also have been told that you need to spend the summer acquiring letters of recommendation.


To write a sorority recommendation letter, start with an opening paragraph that explains how you know the candidate and why you're qualified to be recommending her. Then, write another paragraph that focuses on the candidate's qualifications, like their accomplishments and any interests or hobbies that will help them stand out.


A Fraternity Letter of Recommendation is a letter written by a former or current fraternity member who would like to recommend a peer or friend into the fraternity. These letters can have a substantial weight into the admission process of the Fraternity. Table of Contents. What to Include; How to Join a Fraternity


So I decided to create a blog regarding Letters of Rec. For most organizations, including mine, when applying for membership you will need a letter of recommendation. For my organization, for example, you will need letters verifying your community service, as well as a letter from an ACTIVE, ACTIVE, and I stress ACTIVE member.


Letters of Recommendation; Letters of Recommendation are simply letters of reference written by an alumna of a sorority to her sorority’s chapter at the University of Arkansas. It is appropriate and highly encouraged for you to obtain your own letters of recommendation.


A Letter of recommendation for joining a sorority is the same as applying for college, or grad school. By that I mean, when you receive the letter of recommendation, in MOST cases they organization will ask that you provide the letter in a SEALED envelope with the person's signature written across the back of the letter.


Fraternities and sororities, or Greek letter organizations (GLOs) (collectively referred to as "Greek life"), are social organizations at colleges and universities. A form of the social fraternity, they are prominent in the United States and the Philippines, with much smaller numbers existing in France, Canada, and elsewhere.


Letters of Recommendation are not required to go through recruitment at UL Lafayette. It is the responsibility of the individual sorority to secure recommendations. Each national sorority has its ownguidelines and recommendation forms that its alumna members must use.The UL Panhellenic Council does not provide these forms.


Letters of Recommendation (REC or RIF) are an introduction to a sorority so their members can get to know you prior to formal recruitment in the Fall. There are unique forms to each chapter that are provided by the national organization for their alummae to fill out on the behalf of potential new members (PNMs).


The above fraternity recommendation letter samples are the simplest and the best example that you will find. One letter is written by a former member for the recommendation of his brother. The second letter is by a current member of the fraternity recommending new student.