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Teach The Right Words In The Right Ways To Your Great Pyrenees My method of training Great Pyrenees includes teaching specific words in specific ways so that your dog not only learns the words but also develops the respectful attitude that makes him happy to obey you. Teach your dog words and he will understand what you say.


The Great Pyrenees Club of America is the AKC-designated parent club of the breed. Breed Information. Obedience Training. All responsible dog people, no matter what breed they "fancy," will tell you that basic obedience training is crucial for developing a happy relationship with your pet. It is even more important when you own a large guardian ...


Training a Great Pyrenees isn’t like training most dogs — they aren’t necessarily “eager to please”. While a Golden Retriever may do what you say because you said so, a pyr won’t be so likely. I absolutely love training Great Pyrenees. They push me to my limits and challenge me in ways I never knew possible.


Every Great Pyrenees owner, regardless of training, has experience this more than a couple times. We tell ourselves that it is because of how smart our dogs are, that they don’t just blindly follow orders. We Great Pyrenees owners may be right, but right doesn’t make the dog come inside. Another frequent behavior issue is barking. This ...


Great Pyrenees dogs would be considered a large guardian dog. Other members of that group would include: Akbash, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Komondor, Kuvasz, Maromma and Tibetan Mastiff as classified by the Large Guardian Dog Association. Great Pyrenees information can also be found on the AKC's Great Pyrenees Breed Standard page.


Make your training as unemotional as possible. Most Great Pyrenees are very calm. They spend most of their time calmly watching. Yet, are capable of springing into immediate action. They do not typically have a retriever instinct. If your Pyrenees does, you probably want to foster it. In summary, the Great Pyrenees is an exceptional breed of dog.


Best Answer: Discipline for a pyr pup begins at age 2 months when you first get the dog. You can be in for a lot of trouble if you wait until the pup is 14mo old before you try to discipline him. If he was behaved before and is chewing things now, then something has changed. Pyr pups usually do that ...


A crate, or wire kennel is a great training aid for housebreaking. It will also serve well to keep your dog out of mischief when indoors unattended. As Great Pyrenees puppies grow very quickly, ensure you purchase a crate that will be large enough to be used for your dog when fully grown. Typically, a crate no smaller than 32" high X 29" wide.


Care, Feeding, Training. Caring for a Great Pyrenees is a labor of love. Great Pyrenees need affection, kindness and human companionship. Provide your new puppy-or new adult dog-with a quiet place of its own.


Believe in your dog, be consistent, and start with a little hard work and you may end up with a Great Pyrenees training program that is the envy of the dog park. Or you can do the basic dog training here: Basic Great Pyrenees Tricks, Command & Training