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Great Pyrenees are some of the nicest dogs you will ever meet. However, they do have some quirks like all dogs, and even humans for that matter. In this articles I will outlines some common behaviors that might frustrate or annoy you from your Great Pyrenees. The most common Great Pyrenees behavior issue is a refusal to come when called.


Potential animal aggression. Most Great Pyrenees will treat the pets in their own family as members of their flock. But they have strong instincts to drive away animals who do not belong to their family. Many Great Pyrenees are dominant or aggressive toward dogs they don't know. Some Great Pyrenees are not safe with cats.


"Although the Great Pyrenees may appear reserved in the show ring, any sign of excessive shyness, nervousness, or aggression to humans is unacceptable and must be considered an extremely serious fault." A well-balanced, confident Great Pyr is not aggressive, but will be protective of his flock or family when necessary.


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aggression in Great Pyrenees by: Anonymous We have always had Great Pyrenees here on the farm as they are good for predator control and we have bear, wolves, etc. They have always been loveable big teddy bears until this last dog. We got him one year ago as a puppy. Around nine months old he started showing aggression when he was brushed.


I am a little worried when you say that Grant needed to know he was a dog, always - the problem is that though I agree dogs are dogs and should be treated as such, often what people ACTUALLY mean by saying that, is that they are taking specific measures to try and dominate the dog, which in fact is just bullying/threatening behaviour and almost ...


The Great Pyrenees is a large, powerful livestock guardian. This breed should be protective and confident. Aggression toward other dogs is inconsistent with his natural personality. However, certain environmental factors can draw out unwanted aggression in this otherwise gentle giant.


My mom has a 2 year old Great Pyrenees, will be 3 this summer. He has recently started having some behavior problems. This is the age when dogs start feeling Middle of the Pack (adolescents) and try to establish their place in the hierarchy.


The Great Pyrenees is not aggressive by nature, but if you do not train him or properly socialize him, then he can become aggressive.. To minimize a potentially bad temperament, it is important to choose the right dog. Dealing with a good breeder helps.


Questions and answers about Great Pyrenees temperament, personality, behavior, physical traits and characteristics, feeding, health care, buying, adoption, puppies and adult dogs. ... My Great Pyrenees has some behavior problems I'd like to solve. Respect training solves behavior problems much better than obedience training.