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Trauma to your front teeth that has caused them to turn grey is the hardest color to whiten. Usually when teeth appear grey, they are usually darker (grey) even deeper through the tooth. Meaning that whitening can even make the grey stand out more because it causes the enamel to become more translucent.


But few people have naturally white teeth all their lives. Coffee, tea, and other foods can naturally yellow your teeth over time. That’s one of the reasons teeth whitening procedures are so popular. Causes of Gray Teeth. Although stained teeth may be common, many people are understandably confused when they see their teeth turning gray.


There is always a way to whiten your teeth . Have you ever thought of having a set of pearly white teeth? Various colors and stains Bluish-grey to yellowish-brown teeth . Cause: When you were young, if you had taken tetracycline, a kind of antibiotics, for a period of time during the development of teeth, the dentine forming cells would have


I know someone who has all grey teeth, she is from a different country, and brushes regularly but have been grey for a long time, is there anything that causes it and can they be white again? - I don't know how old your friend is but if they over 40, it could be from taking Tetracycline (antibiotic) as a child. If


What Causes Teeth to Turn Gray? Teeth usually turn gray as a result of trauma or exposure to the antibiotic tetracycline before the age of six, according to Rocky Mountain Endodontics. In the case of trauma, the gray appearance is due to the tooth being dead or the nerve being irritated and in the process of dying.


Will a gray front tooth eventually turn back to white?? I was ( sucker ) punched in the face about a month ago, causing my 2 front teeth to go loose. The left one was movable, the right one not as bad.


We took her to the doctor and they felt it was trauma. The very next day the gray has cleared up more and more hour after hour. What would cause this to be quick? I thought traumatized teeth didn’t necessarily turn white again for weeks or months?


My 2 year old bumped his teeth 16 days ago and we never thought he hit his front right tooth but we noticed today that it is slightly grey. Our dentist said they rarely ever turn back to white again and my wife and I are freaking out worrying that it might get worse. Some of the pictures I've seen are a million times worse than what our son has.


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