White and light blue are the most common colored shirts matched with a gray suit. However, pink, red, French blue, black, green and yellow work well also. Light or dark gray, for a trendy, monochromatic look, are other o...

Wearing a white or black shirt with a black suit achieves a classic eveningwear look. Men who are striving for a more modern look can try brown or navy.

Depending upon the impression desired, a blue shirt goes with a black suit. A pale blue shirt creates a sophisticated look, while a navy blue shirt offers a modern flair.


A pink shirt matches gray pants and can keep the gray color from appearing bland. Brightly colored shirts such as turquoise can be paired with gray pants as well.

Wardrobe colors that match light blue are another primary color (yellow or red), a complementary color (the color exactly opposite on the color wheel) such as a shade of dark orange, another lighter or darker shade of bl...

Since tan is a neutral color, the color of the shirt can be almost any solid or patterned shirt. Even a different shade of tan would work well.

Choosing complementary colors on the color wheel is one way to make sure that a shirt and pants match. Colors opposite each other on the wheel are complementary.