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Just about any color of shirt goes well with gray pants. Gray is a simple neutral color that is extremely versatile and blends well with other colors, especially when the gray has undertones of blue. Gray pants are an especially good choice to wear with bright colors, as they tend to tone down the e


A pink shirt matches gray pants and can keep the gray color from appearing bland. Brightly colored shirts such as turquoise can be paired with gray pants as well.


Gray is a neutral color, so gray pants can go with many different colors, such as black and navy blue. Both men and women should pay attention to the undertones of the gray to match colors.


A gray shirt refers to a player who commits to play for an NCAA division 1 football program, but agrees to pay his own way through school for a semester to preserve his eligibility. By paying his own tuition, he does not cost the school one of their limited scholarships.


White and light blue are the most common colored shirts matched with a gray suit. However, pink, red, French blue, black, green and yellow work well also. Light or dark gray, for a trendy, monochromatic look, are other options.


Gray is a flexible neutral color that can be paired with both cool and warm tones. To add warmth, pair gray with pinks and yellows. A stylish look can be achieved by adding blues and greens.


Gray water is water that drains from sinks, baths, showers and dishwashers. It is considered relatively clean in that it has not come into contact with human waste.


There are many different reasons why hair turns gray, but the primary cause is genetics. Each of the hair follicles, where hair is produced, contains cells called melanocytes. These melanocytes produce the melanin needed to color hair; they gradually die in time so that hair will receive less melani


The term "Gray code" refers to a binary progression of coded numbers where successive terms only differ by a single bit position. It was named after Frank Gray, who devised the binary reflected Gray code used to convert analog signals into binary string numbers.


Gray matches with nearly every hue on the color wheel because of its neutrality. Gray blends especially well with bold and bright colors, such as orange, blue and green.