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Term that refers to one who is a novice, a greenhorn, a student/disciple, a subordinate, or just simply ignorant. Has its origins from the "Kung Fu" television series from the 1970s, starring David Carradine as the Shaolin priest Kwai Chang Caine. As a young student at the Shaolin temple, Caine, in his youthful ignorance, takes pity on a blind Shaolin master, believing the master's b...


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What is the origin of using the word "grasshopper" as a term for a neophyte or trainee? The most reliable reference I have is Urban Dictionary, who claims that it is from a 1970's television series called Kung Fu. I would also be curious to know if this is a term which appears only in American English, or in other countries as well.


What does it mean when someone calls somebody grasshopper? Is the connotation positive/negative? Is this a Southern US term? It means young student. I first heard it on a TV show back in the '70s, Kung Fu. I've no clue if the term is used in real life, but surely someone around here will know.

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Young grasshopper a term used for a young apprentice in traing by the wise mantis to become wise and mighty. ... Top definition. young grasshopper unknown. Young grasshopper a term used for a young apprentice in traing by the wise mantis to become wise and mighty. Man mattys was wasted latsnight hes such a young grasshopper patients young ...


Electrical lingo definition for Grasshopper: see flip cutout.


Define grasshopper. grasshopper synonyms, grasshopper pronunciation, grasshopper translation, English dictionary definition of grasshopper. n. 1. Any of numerous orthopteran insects, chiefly of the suborder Caelifera, characteristically having long, powerful hind legs adapted for jumping. 2.


Most likely, it is a reference to the 70s television series, Kung Fu. Grasshopper was a nickname given to a young Shaolin monk (Kwai Chang Caine played by the late David Carradine) tutored by and older, wiser monk (aka “Master Po”).. If someone called you Grasshopper, they probably are implying that you know very little about the subject currently under discussion and that they are far wiser.


Grasshopper is not actually slang for anything in Australia. Grasshoppers are grasshoppers. Sometimes kangaroos are referred to as giant grasshoppers, but only in rural and outback areas.


Grasshopper definition, any of numerous herbivorous, orthopterous insects, especially of the families Acrididae and Tettigoniidae, having the hind legs adapted for leaping and having chewing mouth parts, some species being highly destructive to vegetation. See more.