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Other names people use for a grandma include "Grammy," "Nana," "Oma," "Abuela" and "MomMom." Depending on the family, the grandchild, the parents or the grandmother may choose what she is called.


Americans use a huge varieties of names for grandmothers, including traditional titles such as Grandma, Granmom, Granny, Mawmaw and Nana. Less traditional names include Momsy, Glamma, Neema, Lola and Yana.


Modern names for grandmothers include Ama, GoGo, Nana, Gigi and Mimi. Grandmothers choose modern names to symbolize that they are young and cool, and avoid traditional names such as Granny and Grandma. They choose unique names to distinguish themselves from other grandmothers.


Among the many alternative names to Grandma, the most popular include Granny, Nana, MomMom and MawMaw. Preferences for names for grandmothers vary by region and language and can be formal or informal. Some names considered trendy as of November 2015 include MayMay, Lola, MeMom, Coco and Dally. Many


Some good gift ideas for grandma include personalized cookie jars, gardening tools, a memory book, a nana pillow or a family tree sculpture. A young child can decorate the cover of a notebook for grandma, giving her something to remember every time she needs to use it.


Betty Crocker's Gold Medal Classic white bread is a good recipe. While the recipe takes more than three hours to make, it yields two loaves.


A basic white bread recipe requires only five ingredients, including flour, shortening, yeast, salt, and water or milk. After mixing these ingredients by hand or in a mixer with a bread hook, the cook kneads the dough, allows it to rise, forms it into loaves and bakes it.


Some Irish words for grandmother are "seanmháthair", "mamó", "móraí", "máthair mhór" and "chríonna". "Seanmháthair" is used for formal applications and addresses, whereas "Mamó" is the most common familiar address, equivalent to "Nana" in English.


Examples of quick breads include banana and fruit breads, biscuits and muffins. Quick breads may be made from batter or dough, and can be poured or dropped in or onto a pan before baking.


Bon Appetit has a series of 29 classic recipes that it claims is true to what many grandmas likely prepare in their own kitchens. Recipes include roasted chicken, macaroni and cheese, creamed peas and onions, Swedish meatballs, and banana cream pie.