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Granduncle definition is - an uncle of one's father or mother. Recent Examples on the Web. But whereas his granduncle has a track record of operational performance and investing acumen, Rozek appears to have been a beneficiary of a confluence of events with a dash of humility. — Fortune, "Warren Buffett's Grandnephew Skirts Comparisons and Beats the Market Anyway," 27 Dec. 2017 C...


Define granduncle. granduncle synonyms, granduncle pronunciation, granduncle translation, English dictionary definition of granduncle. n. See great-uncle. n another name for great-uncle n. an uncle of one's father or mother; great-uncle.


Definition of grand-uncle in English: grand-uncle. noun. another term for great-uncle. More example sentences ‘And my grand-uncles had a gospel quartet that would sing at church and community events.’ ‘Celebrants were Fr Joe Kennedy, a grand-uncle of Caroline, and Fr Sean Stokes, a relation of the groom.’ ...


Granduncle definition, an uncle of one's father or mother; a great-uncle. See more.


A grand-uncle or granduncle or great-uncle is the brother of one's grandparent. Half-great-uncle or half-granduncle is the half-brother of one's grandparent. Great-uncle-in-law or granduncle-in-law is the husband of one's great-aunt or grandaunt (sister of one's grandparent).


Great-granduncle definition, an uncle of one's grandfather or grandmother. See more.


Although grand-aunt or uncle is the official title, grand-aunts and uncles are often referred to as great-aunts and uncles, and many families simply use the title "aunt" for grand- and great-grandaunts and uncles. The title of great or grand-aunt also applies to sister-in-laws, not just sisters by blood.


This would suggest grand-uncle as the preferred form but in fact, as your chart shows, great-uncle is more common. Perhaps what is going on is that both words are possible English forms of grand-oncle, but for some reason grand-uncle does not feel appropriate, leaving the way clear for great-uncle to become standard. They are both used, and ...


His great grand-uncle Alfred Messel was a notable German architect in the nineteenth century, designer, for example, of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, and his grandparents, Leonard and Maude Messel, created the celebrated garden at Nymans; the photographer and designer Lord Snowdon is a cousin.


Great-uncle definition: an uncle of one's father or mother ; brother of one's grandfather or grandmother | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples