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The rumor is that a game called "Grand Theft Auto 6: Return to Vice City" should be coming out in June of 2017. Specific information about the game and its characters is unavailable at this time.


Players cannot purchase homes in "Grand Theft Auto V's" single player. There is, however, the ability to purchase a home in the game's online multiplayer mode.


As of 2015, “Grand Theft Auto V” also features an online gameplay feature. The video game features an online multiplayer mode that can be accessed through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The online multiplayer mode is referred to as “Grand Theft Auto Online.”


For the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the main storyline of "Grand Theft Auto V" is completed in 31 hours on average. The completion time varies based on the player and the speed at which he plays.


Free copies of the game "Grand Theft Auto 4" are not legally available. It is a commercial product that must be purchased from a retailer; downloading the game for free is copyright infringement.


Sites such as GTA4-Mods.com and GTAGaming offer free downloadable mods for "Grand Theft Auto 4" for the personal computer. These mods offer new game features, such as textures, skins, weapons, vehicles and other upgrades to the game. Upgrades to the console platform versions are only available throu


On the Xbox 360, the player can spawn the Comet with the button combination RB, B, RT, Right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB and can spawn a limousine by entering RT, Right, LT, Left, Left, RB, LB, B, Right. These and all other codes vary slightly for other consoles, and cheats are entirely different on the PC


"Grand Theft Auto 5" character changes are done by holding down on the directional pad and selecting the single-player mode characters of Trevor, Franklin or Michael by using the right analog stick to highlight the desired character. Selecting your "GTA: Online" character automatically launches the


Download "Grand Theft Auto V" by purchasing the game on Steam or Rockstar Warehouse. Both stores provide the players with download links after purchase. Both platforms require user accounts to allow purchases.


Some cars that "Grand Theft Auto IV" players can drive include the Turismo, Sabre, Sentinel, Willard and Bobcat. Other controllable cars in the game are the police cruiser, taxi, Super GT, Stallion and Lokus.