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Gram flour is a versatile ingredient. It fights pimples, removes tan, and reduces the oiliness of skin and moisturizes it too. It can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to clean and nourish your hair, make it shiny, help it grow, and remove dandruff.


How To Use Gram Flour For Skin Whitening: 1. Gram Flour with Rose Water. Combine 2 tablespoons of gram flour and 4 tablespoons of rose water. Stir well and apply this mixture over the skin. Let it rest for 20 minutes before washing off with cold water, then pat the skin dry. Continue doing this process 2 – 3 times a week.


#2 Lightens skin. You can also use gram flour for skin whitening. Here are 3 steps to use besan for far skin. 4 teaspoons besan, when mixed with 1 teaspoon raw milk and 1 teaspoon lemon juice can help lighten skin. Apply the paste to your face, scrubbing gently in a circular motion, and let it dry.


Gram flour, or chickpea flour, has long been used across India and Southeast Asia as both an exfoliant and a homemade beauty treatment to lighten and brighten skin. Brides were traditionally treated to a sesame oil massage followed by a body scrub made from gram flour, rice flour, almonds, milk, and ...


Gram Flour Benefits And Uses For Hair And Skin. Gram flour or besan is made up of chickpeas and has been used for skin and hair for centuries. It is very nutritious and rich in protein which will provide nourishment to your skin and hair.


Using besan or gram flour for the face and the skin is an age-old trick that we still use. Check out here what are the benefits of applying besan on face. 1. Helps Treat Acne. The zinc in gram flour can fight infections that cause acne. And the fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels. Imbalanced blood sugar levels can stress your hormones, causing ...


Besan or gram flour has long been used in India for its many benefits for skin and hair. In fact, it is a traditional beauty home remedy that is used right from the time when one is a baby as an uptan or epilation formula for baby hair to adulthood when myriad packs and scrubs using besan are used to take care of beauty issues right from acne to tanning to cleansing and exfoliating.


Gram Flour to Wipe out Suntan. The skin acquires a tan because of frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. To resolve the problem smearing a combo of gram flour, yoghurt and tomato juice on the tanned areas and washing about half an hour later gives excellent results. Instead of using tomato juice including just a pinch of turmeric helps restore normal skin tone.


The gram flour absorbs the excess oil from the skin and hence is ones for treating pimples. It also possesses antibacterial properties which kill germs and bacteria that are the primary reasons to cause pimples. The zinc content in the gram flour also helps fight infections. You can add honey to gram flour in 1:2 proportion to create a paste.


How to Use Gram Flour (Besan) for Skin Whitening – 15 Methods (No.5 Is Best) August 18, 2017 by Moin Nex Leave a Comment Gram flour or besan is renowned to treat acne, oily skin, pimples and improve skin complexion.