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The number of credits to graduate high school varies by state, and states also change the requirements periodically. As of 2014, Alabama students need to complete 24 credits to graduate from high school. By contrast, Arizona requires students to complete 23 credits to graduate.


The number of credits required for students to graduate high school is established at the state level. Many states establish general credit requirements for graduation. They also break down requirements by specific area.


Graduating early from high school is a challenging process, but is one that can be done by taking senior-level courses earlier than normal. A student who would like to graduate early needs to work closely with his guidance counsellor to ensure both the workload is manageable and success is guarantee


Some fun ideas for a high school graduation party include hiring a photo booth for entertainment and adding uplighting to enhance decor. Other fun ideas for a high school graduation party include creating a themed party, such as a career party.


A good online high school is regionally accredited, such as Indiana University High School. Regional accreditation is the most accepted accreditation for pursuing a college degree. An online high school program is also different than a GED test preparation program, as it offers a high school diploma


There are free online high schools available in most states in the U.S., and the majority of these schools are public. Some online high schools are affiliated with local public schools, and there are also programs that do not have a connection to a traditional brick and mortar school.


Kolbe Academy, Stanford University, Liberty University and The Keystone School are four programs that grant high school diplomas, as of 2015. Some online high schools target a particular audience, such as the home school community or religious groups. Liberty University is a Christian program.


The credits required to graduate from high school depend on the specific high school or high school system but generally include a mixture of credit or course requirements in math, science and language arts. The District of Columbia public school system, Portland public school system and the private


Some well-known graduate schools for business include Stanford University, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. All three schools appear on the U.S. News and World Report's 2015 list of the top business schools in the country.


For many, graduating early from college represents a significant financial advantage by reducing the amount of student-loan debt incurred. To finish college as quickly as possible, you need to create and stick to a plan that begins prior to enrollment. By taking advantage of extra and pre-enrollment