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To find information on graduating classes or alumni, access the institution’s website, and then search for the graduating class by year. For statistical information on graduating classes, use the College Navigator tool offered by the U.S. Department of Education on the National Center for Education


There are free online courses available from many accredited online universities. You don't need to be enrolled in a particular university to take the courses, and they're free for anyone who has an interest in them.


Some tips for taking online college classes include making sure to have the necessary equipment to succeed in the classes, participating in discussions, setting and sticking to a study schedule and choosing a good place to study, suggests CampusExplorer.com. Following these tips can help students st


Students can review online classes by going to a website such as CourseTalk.com, searching for the online class and following the steps to add a review. Individual schools, such as Stanford University, also have procedures available that students can follow to review online classes.


According to The New York Times, experts differ on whether online driving classes are effective; while online courses can help students pass tests, they can't offer the hands-on training students can receive in courses or from their parents. In addition, online driver courses are largely unregulated


As of 2015, Alison.com and OpenEnglish.com provide online English classes. OpenEnglish.com is a paid service for individuals seeking to learn English as an additional language. Alison.com offers free English classes of varying levels for native and non-native English speakers as part of a diverse li


Some examples of art classes students can take online are art appreciation, character animation, art studio, color theory, photography, Web design, video editing, user experience design and drawing courses. The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sessions College and Adams State University all ha


Online summer coursework is available at sites such as K12.com and ConnectionsAcademy.com. Both websites offer coursework for children of all ages, up to grade twelve.


It is possible to become a teacher through online classes as long as the program meets the licensing or certification standards prescribed in the aspiring teacher's state. In a January 2015 article, The Best Colleges website even ranked the top 10 best online colleges for teacher education.


A comprehensive selection of free learning courses are offered online, including Programming for Everybody, Conversational German and Advanced Chemistry. Free online classes are available through various universities and may be accessed through several different websites, such as Alison.com and Cour