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The Engineer's Handbook project provides a standard torque chart for threaded bolts on its website, as of 2015. TorqueSpec.com also has an interactive torque-specification database by automobile model.


EngineersHandbook.com and PortlandBolt.com are two sites that show bolt torque specification charts online. These charts indicate the estimated amount of torque to apply to the types of bolts indicated.


Find online torque specification charts for bolts on sites such as PortlandBolt.com, EngineersHandbook.com, BoltDepot.com, RepairEngineering.com and EngineersEdge.com. The charts on these sites contain information about torque requirements based on bolt size, the coarseness of bold threads and the t


You can find a metric bolt torque chart through the CNC Machines website. CNC Machines is a manufacturer of modern technologies and works to make sure this chart, among many others, is accurately maintained on their website.


A metric bolt torque by grade listing is available on RepairEngineering.com and DansMC.com. They provide the suggested torque values for different bolt sizes. In addition to these guides, it is essential to check a shop manual when choosing the right grade of a particular bolt.


The common torque ratings for bolts used depend on many different factors such as the bolt size, bolt material, number and type of threads and the condition of the bolt. The torque rating for various bolts also depends on the use and the purpose of the bolt.


A torque specification chart explains the correct torque for a variety of nut and bolt types. The charts tell mechanics, builders and assembly workers how to tighten each nut and bolt for maximum efficacy. Most charts identify bolts or nuts by size and the number of threads per inch. Depending on th


Auto mechanics use torque specification charts to ensure that fasteners of all types, especially bolts and screws, are neither too tight or too loose. Proper tightening is critical for wheels, as well as engine and transmission parts that rely on a gasket to contain a fluid.


Bolt torque calculators calculate the proper amount of torque for a particular bolt by collecting the dimensions and characteristics of the bolt in question. The calculator will generally return figures in the form of inch pounds or foot pounds.


The torque settings for cylinder head bolts are the manufacturer's recommendation for how tightly the bolts holding the cylinder heads to the engine block should be fastened. This is done using a special tool called a torque wrench that measures the pressure as the bolts are tightened.