To open a Graco stroller, place the unit on a flat surface with the handle facing up and the wheels on the ground. Next, release the plastic latches found on the sides. Finally, snap the stroller into position by pulling... More »

To find a detailed guide for assembling a Graco crib, visit the Graco Baby website. There, find a list of several different styles of Graco cribs. Select the crib that needs assembling and download the PDF file to view t... More » Family Parenting Babies & Toddlers

If the pails have handles, turn the stack upside down with the openings facing the ground and place a foot through the handle of the bucket closest to the ground. Grab the topmost pail by the rim, and pull up, using both... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

A reliable and accurate way to find replacement parts for Graco brand baby and child products is to visit the company website at Gracobaby. Graco has a search function on its site that allows consumers to search for exac... More »

To open a Chicco stroller, hold the stroller with the wheels facing forward, unlock the latch and maneuver the wheels away from you. It should take less than 30 seconds. More »

Remove the training wheels and the pedals first when teaching a child to ride a bike. Lower the seat so the child's legs are straight and his feet are planted firmly on the ground. More » Family Parenting

Some important home safety tips for new parents are moving toxic cleaning products out of the reach of the baby, mounting bookshelves to the wall so they can't be pulled over by the baby and vacuuming regularly to make s... More » Family Parenting