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If you lose your TIN, send your full name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and the ID number used in registering for the TIN via WhatsApp to 020 063 1664 or 055 299 0000, Email info@gra.gov.gh or visit your nearest GRA office.


For companies you will need documents such as: certificate of incorporation, commencement certificate, partnership certificate, external company letter Getting your TIN online You can complete a simple form online “Online TIN Form“. If your registration is successful you will get an email from GRA.


Ghana Revenue Authority Tin Form TIN AND TAX AMNESTY FORMS Click the links below to Download: Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Registration Forms: Taxpayer Identification Number Registration Form - (Individual) Taxpayer Identification Number Registration Form -(Organisation) Tax Amnesty Application Forms: Voluntary


Online TIN Application for Employees Can Only Be Done by the Employer. The only way to get your new TIN for employees is via your employer. They are the only ones who can do this. This can be done by creating an account in BIR eReg here. Once your employer has an account, they fill-out the form for enrollment then processes everything. ...


How to apply for your TIN Number online to save time and money. Here we’ll be showing you how to apply for your TIN Number online so you that you can file your own TIN Number Application, also known as an SS-4 Form EIN Employer Identification Number application. There are multiple ways to file your Tax ID number, also known as an EIN.


Click to download the harmonized common external tariffs and other schedules


Importers and Exporters who transact business with the GRA in foreign currencies can check every month for the full list of the Rates of Exchange, below. We also encourage you to participate in our regular Polls, to let us know how our services are benefiting you.


Therefore, a person (individual or business) cannot make an application for or receive any permission, licence or any document from any of the aforementioned entities without a TIN. Persons who require a Taxpayer Identification Number must visit the GRA Headquarters at 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown or any GRA Regional Office.


BIR Form 1904 - Application for Registration of One Time Taxpayer And Persons Registering Under EO 98 (securing a TIN to be able to transact with any government office) Documentary Requirements - Birth Certificate or any valid identification card that will show the applicant's complete name (Philippine Administrator), address, birth date and ...


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