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Some good laptop GPS tracking software programs are FrontDoorSoftware, Undercover and LoJack for Laptops, according to UCLA.edu and NYTimes.com. Some programs charge a one-time fee, while others charge a yearly subscription fee.


Some of the best personal GPS trackers for 2015 include the Amber Alert GPS, the PocketFinder, the Trackimo and the Caref GPS, according to Top Ten Reviews. These tracking devices win praise for their convenience, functionality and useful features.


You can fool a GPS tracking system by creating a signal that overpowers the signal coming into the system or by covering the antennae on the unit with a metal foil. Both of these methods cause the GPS collector not to accept and transmit indicators.


Some anti-GPS tracking devices include GPS jamming gadgets, metal shields, GPS spoofing gadgets and mobile phone jammers. These items either block or scramble the signal from the GPS, which means individuals cannot read the location of a GPS device.


Some highly rated GPS tracking devices are the Spark Nano 4.0, TrackPort GPS Vehicle Tracker and Escort Entourage PS, notes the Brickhouse Security and Car and Driver websites. Many GPS tracking devices are designed for commercial and personal use.


To track a lost iPhone using GPS, first you need to activate "Find my iPhone" in the settings menu. Then, if the phone becomes lost, log into the iCloud website or use a Find my iPhone app on another connected device to see a map of the phone's current location.


Cat tracking collars typically use a combination of GPS and network signals to track cats, which usually requires a subscription fee and may be limited by network reception. However, the other type of pet-tracking GPS collars, which use a combination of GPS and radio signals, are often too heavy for


Five highly rated GPS vehicle tracking programs are the Spark Nano, Zoombak Advanced A-GPS, Escort Entourage PS, Garmin GTU 10 and LoJack. Many consider the Spark Nano the best GPS vehicle tracking program because of its ease of installation, user-friendly Web-based interface and affordability, acco


Depending on the organization, shipping companies may not utilize GPS technology during shipments, may implement their own GPS tracking systems or may hire a solutions provider, states InboundLogistics.com. Global companies that offer GPS tracking services include Tracking System Direct and Global T


To compare different GPS devices, navigate to the Products section on websites of GPS manufacturers, such as Garmin, or access the Reviews section for GPS navigation devices on websites such as PCMag.com, and select which devices to compare. Alternatively, compare the top-rated GPS devices in the El