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For his health, the daughters switched to salt and pepper until Goya came out with a no-MSG adobo. Still, Goya was growing as a company, and so were the number of additives and preservatives in ...


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Goya Sazon seasoning contains a mix of monosodium glutamate, salt, spices and coloring agents. The taste of Goya Sazon can be replicated with home ingredients. A recipe that does not contain MSG can be found on the Skinny Taste website.


But to my friends and family… I hate to break it to you guys, but Abuela didn’t cook with Sazon Completa. She probably didn’t use Goya, Adobo or Badilla spices from a bottle, and what I’m about to share with you might make you not want to either. Just to keep things simple, MSG in seasoning is BAD. Real bad.


Goya has a product called Adobo that I believe is basically MSG with a few spices. Look at the ingredients of any “flavor enhancer” type products and you’ll find some. The adobo in my cupboard is a different brand, but not a bit of MSG in it.


Most Caribbean Hispanic recipes in this country call for a packet of either Goya or Knorr Sazon Seasoning. The problem with either of these brands of Sazon is that both contain MSG (both list this as the first ingredient), as well as yellow food coloring, red food coloring and something called Tricalcium Phosphate (Goya uses this one) or ...


As far as I know, none of the Sazon flavors are just msg. They all have an ingredient or three added in with the msg. It's basically just a really cheap premixed seasoning. Kind of like Adobo. You can probably make your own for cheaper, but for $2 a box, I don't bother.


Hi, I am new to this forum, as well as newly diagnosed with Celiac. I been trying to get an answer from the Goya company regarding if their Goya Sazon and Adobo is Gluten free, and I do not get anyone to respond. I have read old post here saying yes for the adobo and no for the sazon, but others ...


I love this seasoning mixture! Thank you, PR Punisher! I wanted to make my own adobo so I wouldn't have to buy the msg-laced store version, and this made that possible. I do add extra turmeric to mine when I make it, but this recipe was exactly what I was looking for.


This is a homemade sazon seasoning to replace grocery store pre-made sazon seasoning which is filled with MSG and excess sodium. 2-3 tsp of this mixture will replace a packet of sazon seasoning needed for a recipe. 5 min Prep Time . 5 min Total Time . Save Recipe. Print Recipe .