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Good free real life simulation games include "Second Life" and "Virtual Families." Some other games designed to simulate real life are the "Sims" series and "Suburbia."


Some police simulator games include “Driving Force” and “Police Truck.” Both of these games have players taking on the role of a cop. These cop games and others are available on Awky.com and Muchgames.com.


モSurgeon Simulator 2013ヤ can be played for free on arcade websites such as Kongregate. The game cannot be played in all Web browsers and is recommended to be played on FireFox.


Find free car and driving simulator games online through sites such as FrameSynthesis.com, FreeOnlineGames.com, Y8.com and BallerArcade.com. The site WheelGamer.com offers many different kind of car simulator games designed to teach the player about driving safety.


"Flash Flight Simulator," "Sky Kings Racing" and "3D Flight Sim Rings" are three flight simulator games on the Internet. "Flash Flight Simulator" is available at Learn4Good.com, "Sky Kings Racing" is provided at FreeOnlineGames.com and "3D Flight Sim Rings" is available at AirplaneGames365.com.


As of 2015, some of the most popular driving games for the computer include "F1 Challenge '99-'02," "GTR 2," "NASCAR Racing 2002 Season" and "DiRT 2." "F1 Challenge" features Formula One racing, "GTR 2" is the official simulation of the FIA GT championships, and "DiRT 2" features a variety of race t


One example of computer simulation is the complex computer modeling of the movement of celestial objects that scientists use to discover how the moon may have formed. Another example is the Sims line of computer simulation games.


The "Cat Simulator" game allows players to create customized cat characters and explore different environments that feature various objects to scratch and destroy, as well as humans and dogs to annoy. The environments include a house, a garden, a market and the kitchen of a restaurant.


"My Perfect Wedding" and "DreamWedding: The Game" are wedding-planner simulation games. "My Perfect Wedding" is an Internet browser game, and "DreamWedding: The Game" is a mobile app and Facebook game. Both are free.


Two of the more popular ship simulation games available online are "World of Warships" and "Ships." "World of Warships" is a free-to-play combat-based MMO, while "Ships" is browser based and offers the chance to practice sailing through real world environments by using Google Earth.