According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook, Indonesia has a republican form of government. In such a government, the people or their elected representatives control the organs of political power. More »

Indonesia gained independence in 1945 after Japan destroyed the Dutch administration and due to the constant international pressure on the Netherlands. After 1945, there was opposition from the Dutch rulers accompanied b... More »

The capital of the Republic of Indonesia is Jakarta, which is a large city located on the northern coast of Java. As of 2014, it is home to over 9 million people as well as the majority of Indonesia's largest businesses ... More »

The CIA's World Factbook defines a head of state as an individual who represents a government in a symbolic fashion but does not oversee the daily activities of a country. A head of government, on the other hand, oversee... More »

Fascism refers to the totalitarian form of government that was popular in Europe in the early 1900s, most notably in Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy; while the horrors have emerged most loudly from that part of histor... More »

As of 2014, there are no countries that have pure socialism, which is actually an economic system and not a form of government. The former Soviet Union is the best example of true socialism, while China, North Korea and ... More »

As an integral part of France, French Guiana has a republican form of government. People in French Guiana elect two representatives to send to the French National Assembly and one to send to the Senate. More »