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Popcorn kernels that do not pop do not contain enough water. Water is needed in the starch of the kernel in order to create pressure and eventually pop.


A popcorn kernels is a type of maize, or corn, kernel that comes from a wild grass called zea mays everta. Popcorn is one of six types of corn, but The Popcorn Board notes that zea mays everta is the only variety to produce kernels that pop.


One cup of unpopped popcorn kernels contains 225 grams, or 8 ounces of the kernels. Use 1 tablespoon of kernels for 1 cup of popcorn; 2 tablespoonfuls produce between 2-1/2 and 3 cups. The number of kernels in one tablespoon varies with the size of the kernels.


As of November 2015, gourmet popcorn items with at least three out of five stars on Amazon.com include the Popcornopolis Gluten Free Snack Pack, the Colby Ridge Popcorn 8 Gallon Sampler and Thatcher's Gourmet Specialties Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt 8-ounce bag. Gourmet popcorn kernels are also a


According to MedicineNet, corns can be treated with medicated products that contain salicylic acid, a substance that dissolves the protein that makes up most of the corn. Salicylic acid treatments can be purchased as drops, pads, plasters and applicators.


Corn is a good addition to any diet because this whole grain food provides fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Its high-fiber content helps people with digestive problems, such as constipation and hemorrhoids, to have better bowel movement.


To remove a popcorn kernel from the throat, give the Heimlich maneuver, explains MedlinePlus. This technique is a method of preventing suffocation when a person's airway becomes blocked.


Gate Gourmet is the biggest independent company that offers airline catering and provisioning services, according to the official website. The firm provides culinary solutions, last-mile food and beverage supplies to aircraft, and catering and provisioning services for airline and non-airline compan


Some good gourmet cake recipes include inside-out German chocolate cake, pound cake with blueberries and lavender syrup, and mascarpone-filled cake with sherried berries. Another top recipe is chocolate ganache cake.


Prosciutto, coppa, and culatello are gourmet Italian meats. Other options include pancetta, sopressata, pepperoni, porchetta and salame. Most gourmet Italian meats contain pork or beef, although venison and wild boar are also popular.