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To search Google Earth on a computer, click in the Search box under Search in the panel on the left, type in the location you want to find, and press Enter. Google Earth allows you to search for countries, states, cities and street addresses. You can also search for ZIP codes, latitudes and longitud


People use the Google Maps application to locate different places and routes using the drag-and-drop technique on a computer or by using the zoom options. The drag-and-drop method involves pointing the cursor at a particular place on the map, holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse in t


Some tips and tricks for Using Google Earth include scrolling through historical satellite imagery, using the ruler tool to measure between two locations, activating the weather layer, creating personal maps, recording a tour and using the sky feature to explore the universe, notes PC World. Google


Political maps, physical maps and topographic maps are types of world maps. Political maps highlight the political subdivisions in different regions around the world. They can be general or specialized. General political maps emphasize regions of global importance, while specialized political maps r


World maps are available on websites such as MapsOfWorld.com and CIA.gov. Users may view, download or print a variety of world maps, including political maps, physical maps and time zone maps on these websites.


All images in Google Earth are updated anywhere from seconds to two years. The images take time, and they are continuously collecting them from all over the world, so it is a bit hard to find out which location will have newer, most updated or even highest-resolution images.


Some types of maps that are widely used are physical, political, mineral, blank and thematic maps. Types of thematic maps include desert, ocean, major mountain range, vegetation and earthquake maps. Maps are made using data projected over the geographic image of the Earth to show information.


Google Maps uses high-resolution satellite imagery as part of its software for a number of the world's urban areas. The images of less-populated areas may appear with a lower resolution.


Unfortunately, Google Earth does not provide real-time images of Earth. Some almost real-time images of clouds are available under the Weather category at the left side of the program.


Track a phone using Google Maps by using the Google Latitude feature. The pre-requisite for the tracking of a phone is that it needs to have the ability to run the Google Maps application to broadcast its location for tracking.