Visit and use the search tool to find the driving distance between two points. Alternatively, and offer tools that calculate driving distances. More » Geography

Use the distance formula and a calculator to find the distance between two points. The distance formula works because if two points are plotted on a graph, their direct line is the hypotenuse of a right triangle; thus, t... More »

In mathematical terms, the distance between two points is simply called distance. More specifically, the length of a line that connects the points measured at each point is the definition of a distance between two points... More »

Use an online distance calculator tool provided by sites such as, or to calculate the driving distance mileage between two cities. Alternatively, use ... More » Geography

As with most maps, the distance between two points on a Colorado state highway map can be calculated using a standard ruler. Most maps contain a scale that indicates a representative fraction of distance. Measuring the d... More » Geography

A nautical distance calculator is a tool used to determine the distance between two points in nautical miles. A nautical mile is equivalent to 1.852 kilometers. More » Math Math Calculators

There are several convenient methods for finding the driving distance between two cities, including Internet search engines, paper atlases and maps, and road signs. The most convenient resource depends upon the circumsta... More » Geography