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Dec 7, 2020 ... Try it out · Switch back to your presentation and reload the page.


We use the europarl dataset and compare term-document matrices as well as topic model results from gold standard translated text and machine-translated text .


Sep 26, 2019 ... Documents shared with ProPublica show that immigration officials have been told to vet refugees' social media posts using Google Translate.


Oct 30, 2020 ... Those who are currently paying per word for translation services can spend between $500 and $600 to translate a 2000 word document. Paying ...


Dec 26, 2017 ... You can also translate a document into another language from within Google Docs (Tools > Translate document). Optionally, you can select ...


Oct 16, 2019 ... When accuracy is important in a translated document, Google Translate is not a reliable translation source. Man vs. Machine. Supposedly, ...


View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team. Highlight or right-click on a section of text and click on Translate icon next to it to ...


Jan 30, 2019 ... We interviewed the head of Google Translate, Macduff Hughes, ... to get the right answer simply from the context [of the rest of the document].


Jun 5, 2019 ... “Some … have used web-based automated translation to translate documents. Utilization of such services is appropriate only if the translated ...


Jan 30, 2018 ... Frank would write a message in English, then run it through Google Translate to produce a new text in Danish; conversely, she would write a ...