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Goodyear customers can apply for rebates at Goodyear.com using the See Rebate Details link. Rebates may be submitted online or mailed directly to Goodyear using the downloadable rebate form. As of April 2015, rebates can be doubled on tires purchased with a Goodyear credit card.


Goodyear M+S tires can be bought from Walmart and 1010Tires.com. Both stores offer tire installation as of 2015, although prices and delivery may vary.


Goodyear has information on how to manage tire pressure on its website. There is no overall tire pressure guide, as tire pressure varies from vehicle to vehicle.


Recreate the white lettering of Goodyear tires on your own with a custom stencil and tire paint, or by hand with a tire paint pen. Because tire paint requires several hours of time and patience, white rubber letters, which adhere to the tires, are a faster, more convenient option.


To check the tire pressure in Goodyear tires, use a tire gauge to read the existing pressure in the tires, and compare it with the recommended tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure is given in the owner's manual, on the edge of the vehicle's door, the fuel door, the door post or the door of t


Specifications for Goodyear tires include the speed rating, maximum load, maximum inflation, tread depth and revolutions per mile. As of 2015, the Goodyear website lists sizes and specifications for many of the company's most popular tires.


Goodyear tires are manufactured in the United States. Goodyear is a major American-owned tire company. Although they are now an international company, their headquarters continue to be located in Akron, Ohio.


Goodyear tires generally receive better reviews than Cooper tires due to their superior performance in most comparisons between the two brands. However, Cooper tires are often noted to offer a better price-to-performance ratio than their more expensive Goodyear equivalents.


Reviews of Goodyear tires at ConsumerAffairs.com say defects concern bubbles in the tire wall, tires blowing out and thread wearing out quickly. TireRack.com has more than 20,000 user reviews of Goodyear tires, many of which point out defects, including noise, rough ride and rapid wear.


Goodyear makes trailer tires as of 2015. The Unisteel G670 RV and the Unisteel G614 RST are two tire models by Goodyear that are suitable for trailer use. Goodyear claims that the tires fit virtually any trailer.