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Goodman air conditioners can be purchased through online retailers such as ACWholesalers, TheACOutlet, TheFurnaceOutlet and IngramsWaterAndAir. The ACWholesalers website carries over 100 Goodman air conditioners that range in price from about $1,100 to over $3,000, as of March 2015.


Goodman air conditioner replacement parts can be purchased online from department store part portals such as Sears Parts Direct. Parts can also be found on specialized part retailer websites, such as Supply House and Repair Clinic.


As of March 2015, Goodman Manufacturing Company makes air conditioners in Fayetteville, Tennessee, Dayton, Tennessee, and Houston, Texas. There are two plants in Houston: the cooling plant and the furnace plant.


Goodman central air conditioners are made at the Goodman Manufacturing Company cooling plant in Houston, Texas, where it has manufactured central air conditioners and heat pumps since 1982. As of March 2015, the company's two manufacturing plants in Dalton and Fayetteville,Tennessee, are closing and


Although Goodman furnaces had a bad reputation for reliability prior to 2005, most issues have been resolved, and they are now considered to be reliable and of good quality. Goodman is a preferred brand by contractors because of its ease to install and repair.


Compared to most furnaces on the market, Goodman furnaces come in more varieties and are easier to work on, says Top Furnace Guide. Goodman furnaces are also very popular and are usually cheaper than their competitors.


Goodman produces both heating and air conditioning systems. As of 2015, Goodman has six different series of central air conditioning systems. The Goodman DSXC18 is the company's most energy-efficient system with up to 18 SEER.


Goodman furnaces can be installed in many places in a typical home, including the basement, attic, garage, closet or mechanical room. The optimal place to install a Goodman furnace depends on the floor plan of the home and the location of gas lines.


Air conditioning systems should be serviced at least once a year. Furnaces need to be serviced every one to five years, depending on the type of furnace. Experts recommend having air conditioning systems inspected in the spring.


Goodman furnaces are sold by a variety of retailers, including Alpine Home Air Products, AC4Life and eBay. Additionally, the Goodman website helps customers find a dealer using a look-up tool that provides proximity results by ZIP code.