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10 things that make technology look positive. by Ashvini on October 11, 2012 · 4 comments. in My Personal Thoughts. ... They need to not be scared instead think of the possibilities with adoption of new technology. Its good to see you back and hopefully we will have many more such interactions :). Comments on this entry are closed.


Because, though an optimist, I'm also a realist and I see both the good and the bad in how technology impacts our lives. I generally don't see the need to talk about the good things in that ...


We’re in the middle of exploring how the church can respond to today’s technological advances. Today we want to look at the positive changes being brought about by technology. Opportunities for Connection. We should not miss the opportunities to help people connect with one another using technology.


Technology promotes educational activities by providing a platform for accessing knowledge. On the other hand, entrepreneurs may find inspiration and new ideas from the Internet. Through research, such individuals may be able to improvise an existing idea for the good of society. Entertainment Technology can be used for entertainment purposes.


This case goes beyond party etiquette, it raises the important topic about ways technology can help us in our daily lives. Technology And It’s Benefits. Technology sometimes has a bad reputation for leading people down scary paths of sexting, identity theft, and introducing predators into their lives.


11 Ways Technology Has Ruined Us Forever 11 Ways Technology Has Ruined Us Forever Social Awkwardness Social media is gradually making us all socially awkward. It’s true. We’re far too comfortable talking to people online. There’s no need to leave ...


Technology is a very good thing for people anywhere and everywhere, no matter how old, it helps us in every aspect of our daily lives, and it is a thing that cannot be lived without.


What Are Some Bad Things About Technology? While technology has vastly improved the way people live and communicate, it also affects the safety of personal information. With so much information available through different modes of technology, it increases the risk of fraud and cybercrimes.


Is the technology a good or a bad thing? Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about technology and if it is a good or a bad thing. This article is, of course, according to my point of view. The main question, for now, is “is the technology a good or a bad thing?”. What is technology? Firstly, what is technology?


Remember the days of disposable cameras and dialing *69 to see who called? Talk about ancient times. Here's a look at items replaced by modern technology.