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The positive aspect of gene therapy is apparent. It can wipe out genetic disease before they can begin and eliminate suffering for future generations. Gene therapy is also a good technique for diseases not researched yet. The idea of gene therapy is to cure hereditary diseases not make any one person or race superior.


Gene therapy is also a good technique for diseases not researched yet. All of us carry defected genes and may not know it. Gene therapy is a 'medicine" for the future since it can control or eliminate hereditary diseases. The consequences of gene therapy are numerous at this time. As with anything not researched there are critics.


Gene therapy uses sections of DNA (usually genes) to treat or prevent disease.; The DNA is carefully selected to correct the effect of a mutated gene that is causing disease. The technique was first developed in 1972 but has, so far, had limited success in treating human diseases.


1. How do doctors and researchers decide whether a disease is a good candidate for gene therapy?--> They test it out before actually trying it out on a client or patient, liver or lung cells are infected with the viral vector. 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using viral vectors for gene therapy?


Gene therapy is an experimental technique in medical science that uses genes to either prevent or treat disease. The goal with this approach is to create a future world where doctors could treat specific disorders by inserting genes into a patient’s cells instead of using surgery, drugs, or other interventions to improve health.


Scientific challenges remain, such as making sure that the right gene—and only the right gene—gets changed. But gene therapy is now being used to treat eye disease, and early trials suggest ...


Gene therapy is a method that aims to cure inherited diseases by providing the patient with correct copy of the defective gene. There are four potential approaches to gene therapy: 1) Addition of ...


Gene therapy holds a lot of promise in the field of medicine. People every day are born with birth defects that affect their genetic makeup. This may create diseases that affect their quality of life, including shortening their expected life span. The pros and cons of gene therapy show that some of these issues could […]


Some swear by its therapeutic potential, whereas some view gene therapy as violating God's powers. The pros and cons of gene therapy have scientists, religious figures, and even common man divided on its rationality. This BiologyWise write-up discusses why this topic is such a hotly debated one.


The abuse of gene therapy would be a sad thing for the scientific world. Conclusions. Gene therapy is an exciting new approach that is just making the news. In the future, this technique will be an everyday word used in our households. Gene therapy will change the field of medicine from what it is today.