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CIBC maintains a catalog of rewards for points accumulated using a Visa Gold card handled by CIBC Financial Services. The catalog allows users to shop for products, book travel and donate to charity using the CIBC site.


A rewards catalog is a listing of merchandise that an individual can acquire by redeeming membership or loyalty points. Various companies offer such programs in which consumers can accrue points through purchases.


The procedure for looking up Visa rewards points online depends on the institution that issued the card. For example, a MyPoints cardholder with Comenity Bank can view his Visa rewards points online by logging in to his MyPoints account at Comenity.net/mypoints. A username and password are required.


The Visa ScoreCard Rewards catalog may be viewed online at ScoreCardRewards.com. Card holders must first register with a user name and password and log in to the site before they can see rewards or redeem points.


As of 2015, according the Frequently Asked Questions page on Visa Extras' website, customers enrolled in a Visa points program may find out how many points they have accumulated by logging into their Visa Extras account through VisaExtras.com. Alternatively customers may retrieve points balance info


Visa Traditional Rewards gold and platinum credit cards are eligible for a variety of rewards, such as airline travel, hotel points for complimentary nights and upgrades, museum benefits, cash back, gift cards, brand-name merchandise, and support for various organizations, schools, or charities. Cus


Online rewards catalogs are offered by various types of companies in the financial and product sectors, including American Express, HDFC Bank and Huggies. Consumers participating in a company's rewards program can use points to obtain catalog items in a wide range of categories, including entertainm


The catalogue of available rewards for Capital One's program is viewable online at the NoHassleRewards.CaptialOne.com. While some users have reported receiving a physical catalogue, there is no direct way to request one.


The Capital One rewards catalog is available at the company's website. The catalog provides basic information about the different rewards that are available at any given point in time. In addition to being able to access the rewards catalog through the company's main website, Capital One also mainta


There are a number of benefits that come with the traditional Visa rewards card including a cardholder inquiry service for personal use and zero liability on purchases made with the card if not authorized by the cardholder.