Baby names change in popularity over the years. Parents have the option of going for classic baby names, which never fade out of style; unique baby names; or a name that reflects the trends of the current generation. More » Education

Examples of popular baby girl names include Sophia, Evelyn and Lily, as of 2015. Other popular names for baby girls are Grace, Aubrey, Claire, Kennedy and Stella, according to the Social Security Administration's list of... More » Education

Some tips to decide on a good baby name include waiting until the baby is actually born, sharing top name choices with a close friend and trying out different names for a couple of days. There is no surefire strategy for... More » Education

Baby names such as Abella, Lydiane and Sidonie for girls and Aristide, Lazare and Zephirin for boys are among traditional Cajun baby names. The meaning of the name Abella in French is "breath," and Lazare means "God has ... More »

Baby names with African origins include Afua, Chipo, Simba, Zuberi and Jojo. Other African baby names include Cayman which means "alligator" and Mirembe which means "woman of peace." More » Education

The popularity of certain baby girl names has been attributed to the influence of popular culture, lifestyle and a desire for originality. There is also a cyclical nature to baby name trends, with some baby girl names co... More » Education

Baby names that work for both girls and boys include Arron, Alexis, Addison and Bailey. In fact, Bailey or Baylee, and Addison or Addyson have started to be popular in 2015. Another popular name is Riley or Rylee. Blair,... More »