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A white elephant gift exchange is a game popular at holiday parties. Each guest brings a wrapped gift of nominal value. The exchange gives the player the choice of opening an unopened gift or taking a gift from another player, who then takes a new gift.


Some white elephant gift ideas include speakers, applications, gift vouchers, fun toys and DVDs. Because of the anonymous nature of white elephant gift exchanges, the best gifts are usually gender neutral. There is also typically an agreed price limit to keep in mind.


According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a "white elephant" is a possession that is expensive and hard to maintain but also difficult to get rid of. For example, it may be used in reference to a house or car that requires a lot of upkeep and cannot be sold because no poten...


White elephants symbolize something that is more of a burden to its owner than it is worth. The term likely originates from white elephants of Thailand, which were often given as gifts because they were too expensive for their owners to maintain.


Good ideas for a Christmas gift exchange include giving only books, homemade gifts and a cobweb party. These ideas help to add individuality and uniqueness to the Christmas giving experience.


Gift ideas for an office gift exchange range from quirky coffee mugs to the latest hot tech toys. Food gifts such as meat-and-cheese sampler baskets, gourmet coffees and chocolates are safe bets, maintains BrazenCareerist.com. If the company allows it and co-workers are...


An elephant's memory spans a large number of years, according to Defenders of Wildlife. This long memory helps the matriarch lead her herd over long distances to waterholes she remembers from the past.