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Cat food must be compatible with the cat's stage of life and lifestyle to be as nutritious and beneficial as possible. Kittens, young adults, senior cats, indoor cats, outdoor cats and nursing mother cats all have slightly different nutritional needs, and different cat foods are made specifically fo


The most reliable method for comparing cat foods is learning how to read the nutrition labels. Cats have specific nutritional requirements, such as needing certain percentages of protein, fat, amino acids and carbohydrates. Therefore, comparing what each cat food offers in terms of those needs provi


Popular dog foods with natural ingredients and special formulas include brands such as Natural Balance, Addiction, Eagle Pack and Canidae. Among the larger commercial brands, best-selling dry brands include Iams, Pedigree and several of the Purina brands.


Some good brands of dog food include Orijen, Evo and Wellness for dry dog food and Fromm Family, Newman's Own, Halo Spot's and Weruva for canned dog food, according to Consumeresearch.com. All of the dog foods listed here received high marks in terms of quality, taste and health, with Orijen and Fro


Stella & Chewy's, Natura Pet Products and Dogswell and Catswell are some cat food brands that have been recalled in the past. These animal food brands appear on the FDA list of recalls and withdrawals, as of Jan. 2016.


The length of time a cat can live without food depends on the condition of the cat's body. Cats that don't eat for long periods of time often develop hepatic lipidosis, otherwise known as fatty liver disease. Cats typically succumb to the disease after two to 10 days without food. In most cases, an


The best dry cat food brands feature recipes that rely heavily on real meat and use fewer grains, such as corn and rice, than brands of a lower quality. Since cats are obligate carnivores, their food must have a solid base of animal protein and fats for them to remain healthy.


Cats may consume several types of human food in addition to cat food, such as whole grains and vegetables. Cats are generally carnivorous, meaning they primarily eat meats, although some show enthusiasm for non-meat foods, too. Owners should cook foods first, particularly grains, to ensure the cat c


Dog food brands within the United States with good ratings include Stella & Chewy’s, The Honest Kitchen, Earthborn Holistic, Fromm and Primal. Canadian dog food brands include ACANA, Orijen, Horizon and Lotus. Addiction is a brand that caters to pets with food allergies by producing hypoallergenic m


The best dog food brand varies depending on a dog's dietary needs, so there are no true "best" brands. Brand ingredients and quality tend to change from season to season. Instead of seeking out a certain brand, owners can read ingredient lists to find the right brands for their dogs.