The gold flakes in Goldschlager liquor are actual flakes of gold leaf. Edible gold leaf made from 22-carat, 23-carat or 24-carat gold and silver alloy is used in drinks and in confectionery applications, such as cake dec... More »

While there is no definitive explanation as to why Goldschlager contain thin, 24-karat gold flakes, the inclusion of gold may be in reference to an old occupation. Goldschlager is a German word that literally means "gold... More »

Goldschlager contains a small amount of 24-karat gold flakes. The flakes float in a hot cinnamon schnapps manufactured in Switzerland. It can be served on its own or mixed in drinks. More » Food Beverages Beer

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While the exact ingredients for a Tom and Jerry vary based on spices and liquor, a basic recipe includes eggs, sugar, rum, spices, vanilla flavoring and milk. Most recipes make batter for more than one drink, with specif... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

The Intoxicologist's list of top 10 liquor shots include the Buttery Nipple, Red Headed Slut, Purple Hooter and Chocolate Cake shots. Shots are mixed then poured into a 1.5 ounce glass. More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails