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Many beginners start out with a small goldfish aquariums or bowls especially those owners who buy goldfish for kids (and dont make proper research), and almost always end up having to upgrade to a larger tank further down the line, because their fish are outgrowing their small surroundings. The best advice is to go with the largest tank you can ...


Want to learn how to take care of a goldfish? You’ve come to the right place. This is THE best guide to goldfish care 101 on the planet. If you’re an overwhelmed beginner wanting someone to show you the ropes, you’ll love this guide.


Goldfish are frequently marketed as beginner's fish, leading many people to believe they require little to no care. Goldfish require specific water conditions and husbandry, but a proper setup can greatly minimize the long-term care goldfish require and will greatly reduce their risk of disease.


I have to disagree, a goldfish is an excellent beginner fish if you're willing to mess with a 100 gallon tank. They're extremely hardy fish that can last as long as any normal pet to upwards of 15 to 20 years so long as you take care of them and don't let their water get too overcome with ammonia.


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Tank volume, surface area, filters, pumps, decoration – there are a lot of issues to consider when choosing the right tank for your goldfish. This article is an excellent reference for the beginner aquarist.


Set the tank up completely and the let the filtration system run for a while before adding the goldfish. This helps get rid of any chemicals left on any of the accessories you add to the tank. Treat room temperature water in the tank with water conditioner and then add your fish and watch them enjoy their new home.


9 Tips for Goldfish Breeder Beginners Breeding goldfish is not that hard, but requires patience, since the process can take several months. We assume that you have kept goldfish in proper tanks for few years and are familiar with their different types and care needs.


Ensure to choose simply Goldfish that suits the water for your area (or prepare the water to suit the Goldfish) and only keeps fish that wants the same type of atmosphere in the same aquarium. Make sure to choose Goldfish with a similar temperament and that does not grow too big in your aquarium.


Goldfish to not do well in warm temperatures which is the main reason why goldfish & tropical fish should never be combined. Always add aquarium salt to the water. It helps balance the osmotic qualities of the round fish body.