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Breeding season. Like many species of fishes, goldfishes naturally breed during the spring.As the water temperatures rise with the oncoming of spring and with plenty of food goldfishes naturally prepare themselves for reproduction. However, in a tank or an aquarium if the seasonal natural breeding is unsuccessful, goldfishes can also be bred artificially.


Plan far enough in advance. It takes a long time to create the right environment for mating. Buy your fish nearly a year in advance. July and August are the best months to purchase your fish, as goldfish like to breed during the Spring. You'll want your goldfish to be properly adjusted to their habitat and de-stressed before breeding season, so try to plan far enough in advance!


This explains what had happened… The aggressive behavior during the mating process explains why one of the goldfish had been playing while mating and had jumped out of the pond (not by choice) For the future, I will lower the water level during the mating season to avoid anymore miss-haps like this. Mike Gannon Says: on April 14, 2016 at 12:24 am


What do goldfish typically act like in the breeding season? Ever since it got really rainy, they've been acting odd. We did water tests yesterday and today, and everything was good save that the ammonia was up a little to .5, but, according to the test, not enough to bother them (they've been fine in worse).


when is fish breeding season? hi does any one know when goldfish bredding season starts it just i want to know bec i dont want my goldfish breeding as i dont noe anything aout bredding them or raising up the babies so can agoldfish exspert help me please thank you


Sexing goldfish is not as simple as telling the difference between a duck and a mouse. The only way to sex your goldfish is during the breeding season. You must know how many males and females you have before you can start breeding goldfish. Here are the differences: Female : has abdomen swollen


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Let me tell you this: goldfish are typically non aggressive to goldfish or any other fish, but as weird as it sounds they love to eat their own eggs if these are not removed from the aquarium. You must know that during the mating season male goldfish tend to become a bit aggressive and "chase" the female.


This slow rise in temperature will make your fish think that breeding season is beginning and will cause them to initiate mating. When are goldfish ready to mate? Mating behavior in goldfish is very distinctive. Once you know what the signs are you will have no problems spotting it! Firstly, the male goldfish will develop small, white spots ...