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The goldfish behavior can be influenced by the environment, tank mates and also by its owner. As you spend your time every day at the aquarium or pond getting to know your fish, you might seem surprised to find out that your goldfish are learning more and more about you.


Had the opportunity to witness some goldfish / comet spawning in my pond recently, so I figured I'd record it and share some information about the process! If you have any questions at all, feel ...


Breeding Process. The male goldfish have concave vents (the vents cave inwards) while the female goldfish have convex vents (the vents bulge outwards). To commence the breeding process the males and the females are first identified and then either two males and one female or three males and two females are introduced in the same breeding tank and given some time for adjustment.


Right before spawning, male goldfish begin to chase female goldfish. Hobbyists call this the spawning chase. In fact, this behavior is the most reliable way to tell male goldfish from females, since spawning tubercles may be not be obvious in certain individual and females' more rounded shape is somewhat subtle.


Goldfish mating. Missing scales because of behavior :-). How to made Aquarium Fish | Hand breeding gold fish | Manual Swapning Gold Fish - Duration: 1:26. Aquarium Guide 841,285 views


An avid goldfish breeder and keeper for nearly 20 years, Meredith Clawson is the founder of the Pure Goldfish website and author of the book The Truth About Goldfish.Pure Goldfish has been featured in Wikihow, Wikipedia, The Aquarium Guide and more.


Plan far enough in advance. It takes a long time to create the right environment for mating. Buy your fish nearly a year in advance. July and August are the best months to purchase your fish, as goldfish like to breed during the Spring. You'll want your goldfish to be properly adjusted to their habitat and de-stressed before breeding season, so try to plan far enough in advance!


The aggressive behavior during the mating process explains why one of the goldfish had been playing while mating and had jumped out of the pond (not by choice) For the future, I will lower the water level during the mating season to avoid anymore miss-haps like this.


Goldfish mating or goldfish playing? 10 gallon goldfish tank, with Black Moor Goldfish.


What do goldfish typically act like in the breeding season? Ever since it got really rainy, they've been acting odd. We did water tests yesterday and today, and everything was good save that the ammonia was up a little to .5, but, according to the test, not enough to bother them (they've been fine in worse).