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Pepperidge Farm Responds Regarding Goldfish. By. Dave Bloom - ... I can confirm that all varieties of our Goldfish crackers are made on lines that do not process peanuts or tree nuts. We are known by many consumers to be peanut/tree nut free and we are proud that we can provide that assurance. ... actionable information to help improve the ...


Goldfish ® crackers have been making families smile for decades. And why not? They’re fun, baked with goodness, like real cheese, and—really, really yummy!


I recently called Pepperidge Farms to find out if there goldfish crackers were nut-free and they assured me they were. Someone else I know also recently called this company for the same question and was told the following "if you have a peanut allergy you have no business eating ANY of our products because alot of our products contain nuts"!


Features And Benefits. These baked cheddar snack crackers are in the unique, trademarked Goldfish® shape. Goldfish® are baked, not fried, and are the #1 cheese snack cracker inhouseholds with kids.


The new "sandwich snackers" cheese sandwiches and peanut sandwiches are made (or "filled") in a different location. The sandwich snacker crackers have warnings on the labels. Hope this is helpful! On Sep 3, 2004. I spoke to Pepperidge Farm goldfish and I was told that the orginal size goldfish were safe. They are now putting pb on large fish.


Allergy to food additives is a well-documented phenomenon in the literature. Annatto is an orange food coloring that can be found in both a synthetic or a natural form [1]. If natural, it is derived from the fruit of the Bixa orellana tropical bush [2]. It is considered a carotenoid because of its ...


“Safe Food” list for Peanut/Tree-Nut allergies Lundberg Rice Cakes Sunbutter and Soy Nut Butter ... Goldfish crackers Pudding; Kozy Shack is safe and available at Whole Foods and the Jewel ... the product since there are children with different food allergies and sensitivities in class. Prepared foods


A lot of kids have a sensitivity or allergy to milk, my son does for sure and if it is conventional milk it is hard for the body to digest and over time can cause leaky gut and allergies. Don’t forget all the hormones in milk as well. Wait! There’s more GoldFish flavors! Quickly I will end with other flavors of GoldFish crackers.


Learn more about your favorite Pepperidge Farm® products including Goldfish® Crackers, Milano® cookies, Farmhouse breads, Puff Pastry and more. Learn more about your favorite Pepperidge Farm® products including Goldfish® Crackers, Milano® cookies, Farmhouse breads, Puff Pastry and more.


What?!!? Did this just happen? My son has longed for Goldfish crackers since he was a toddler. In fact, he saw my other son eating them one day and he burst into tears. I can’t tell you how excited I was to stumble upon this Vegan Goldfish Crackers recipe! I can’t wait to try it!