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Although Pepperidge Farm, the makers of Goldfish Crackers, brag that the tiny cheesy fishes are free of trans fats, other ingredients make this a not-so-healthy choice. While parents should look for foods free of trans fats, they should also pay attention to the 310 mil...


Pepperidge Farms released Goldfish crackers in 1962. The company founder, Margaret Rudkin, was impressed by crackers she tasted in Switzerland and brought back the recipe.


While goldfish will eat crustaceans, insects, plants and smaller fish in the wild, those that are kept as household pets most often eat commercially made goldfish food. This can be safely supplemented with shelled peas, cooked vegetables, brine shrimp and blood worms.


Goldfish lay eggs that are amber in color and look slightly transparent. If the eggs turn white, they are infertile and do not hatch into goldfish.


Adult goldfish will eat baby goldfish when they are placed in the same tank. Goldfish females will also eat the eggs as soon as the male has fertilized them, so it’s a good idea to remove her and the male from the tank once she has spawned and the eggs have been fertili...


Goldfish sleep when it is dark and they feel safe and stress free. Because goldfish have no eyelids, they sleep with their eyes open. They often settle at the bottom of their tanks and nestle near other objects.


Goldfish are originally from China and possibly nearby countries including Korea and Japan, according to Pawnation. However, because they are widespread pets and sometimes released into the wild, they have been found outside their home range and have even been caught in...