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American Lab Rescue, or ALR, is based out of Willington, Conn., about 25 miles northeast of Hartford. As of 2014, the organization does not have its own facility or local shelter. Instead, the organization relies on volunteers to foster animals until they are adopted in...


The best way to rescue a golden retriever is to locate one in a breed rescue or municipal animal shelter and then initiate the adoption process. The exact requirements and steps may vary slightly between shelters.


One way to find a golden retriever rescue is to use the "Find an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group" application on the Petfinder website. This application allows users to search for nearby shelters and rescues.


A couple benefits of rescuing a golden retriever are it is a very friendly breed and a life will be saved by the adoption. These dogs are often cheaper, already trained, and not from a puppy mill.


Golden retriever rescue organizations include Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, Inc.; Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies; and Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc. These organizations offer rescue and placement services for golden retrievers in differ...


A Golden Retriever and Lab mixed-breed dog is a dog with both a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever as parents. According to Dog Time, this mix is sometimes called a "Goldador."


Potential adopters can find a list of Labrador rescue facilities in the United States on 8PawsUp.com and GottaLoveALab.com. The websites do not specify if each rescue only has golden Laboradors or Laboradors of all colors.