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- Using poison for raccoons is illegal: that's correct. Registered rodenticides are for rats only, and using them for any other animal is against the law. - Poison isn't an easy solution: first you've got find and buy the poison, then make sure that the raccoon eats the poison, then you've got to make sure it's an effective dose. Not ...


Say bye to the nuisance flies with the Farnam Golden Malrin Fly Bait. With its two-phase action, this bait effectively kills the flies in less time. This bait is ideal for use in commercial, dumpsters, poultry plants and other areas. ... The recipe for raccoons, etc. is 1 cup of Golden Malrin mixed with one can of Coke. A lot of people swear by ...


An easy-to-use fly scatter bait, Starbar® Golden Malrin® begins killing flies immediately after ingestion. This professional fly control solution features a homogenous formula to ensure efficacy down to the last grain of product. Utilizing the active ingredient, methomyl, Starbar® Golden Malrin® Fly Bait is ideal as a fly bait rotation product.


Product Features: Muscamone fly attractant Attracts and kills flies Standard particle size to reduce dust Can be used as scatter bait or in bait stations


rtp the other things to consider is the smell or odor it will put around your feeder. Last thing you need is to run the deer off with season on us soon. I know in horse stalls they put Golden Malrin in an open top container and get it up high and nail so the horses can't get to it.


Golden Malrin is not designed to kill raccoons; it is designed to kill flies. Main Wikis. Raccoons sometimes kill poultry, destroy bird nests, and damage gardens or crops, so any signs of these types of activities can also mean there is a raccoon infestation.


I'm thinking the golden malrin is the brand that used to be the yellow crystals but now it is a light blue color and it looks about like floor dri. Makin' up a little solution to "keep the flies out of the sweet corn" Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. red_reaper 20 red_reaper 20 Advanced Member ...


Alternatives To Killing A Raccoon Killing raccoons is a messy and frankly unpleasant business that is often a lot more work than simply catching and removing the animal. Live trapping is a solution that is much easier and offers the added benefit that it will not cause the accidental deaths of other animals apart from the raccoon that may get ...


1 TBS Golden Malrin Put outside in a place household animals can't get to it but the skunk can and within a day or two they will be dead within 5 paces of the bowl. Posted Via AR15.Com Mobile. View Quote. Just make sure it can't get under your deck or front porch in those 5 paces.


Need groundhog removal in your hometown? We service over 500 USA locations! Click here to hire us in your town and check prices - updated for year 2020. Many people turn to poison to get rid of their groundhog problems.There are several types of poisons on the market and they all work in various ways; with the end result death of the groundhog.