The NASDAQ symbol for gold is GC. Gold was the monetary standard in the United States until 1971 when President Nixon closed the "gold window" and ended the practice. California and Oregon continue to operate on a gold s... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

The stock symbol for an ounce of gold is "XAU." The price of the commodity reflects the price of 1 ounce of the precious metal in U.S. dollars when traded. More »

Stock market symbols are company abbreviations, a convention derived from the use of the ticker tape used at the close of the Civil War. is one location users can consult to look up either a company nam... More » Business & Finance Investing

Regions Financial is listed with the ticker symbol RF on NASDAQ, the world's second largest stock exchange, as shown at In addition to up-to-date quotes, investors can obtain the daily and 52-week highs/lows,... More » Business & Finance Investing

The symbol for Kroger on the stock exchange is KR, according to NASDAQ. Founded in 1883, the Kroger Company incorporated in 1902. The net earnings for Kroger totaled $1.7 billion in 2014. More » Business & Finance Investing

JetBlue Airways Corporation trades on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol JBLU, according to CNN. As of April 2015, the stock had been growing for two years with an earnings increase between 129 percent and 144. More » Business & Finance Investing

The GoPro stock symbol is GPRO; the stock trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange, according to NASDAQ. On April 14, 2015, the stock opened at $44.26 and closed at $44.48; its high was $44.91, and its low was $42.87. The sto... More » Business & Finance Investing