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A beginning investor should keep certain guidelines in mind for successful investing, such as knowing investment objectives, strategizing investments according to financial ability and deciding on the overall risk tolerance of investments, advises Investopedia. The beginning investor should also edu


Mitch Tuchman of Forbes recommends beginning investors diversify their investments by investing in exchange-traded funds, cut risk through portfolio management and take a long-term view of investments without becoming concerned with daily market fluctuations. Analyst Jim Cramer advises beginning inv


Some effective methods of investing in gold include doing so through exchange-traded-funds, closed-end funds, single stocks, gold coins and gold jewelry, reports the CNBC website. Gold is a precious metal that analysts compare against other investment options, reports the Houston Chronicle.


While many factors determine if an investment is good or bad, gold, silver and other precious metals are too volatile for most investors, particularly retirees, according to AARP. It is an emotional form of money, but it does not produce anything.


Tips for beginning runners include getting properly fitted for shoes by visiting a local running store and joining a running group. Many running stores help customers by providing in-depth gait analysis to ensure a properly fitting shoe, and running with a group helps with motivation, inspiration an


Investment experts recommend investing in gold through a variety of avenues, including exchange traded funds, shares of mining companies, futures contracts and derivatives contracts. Some simply purchase and store gold itself. Each of these strategies comes with unique benefits and risks that are no


As a beginner in boxing, start off by learning the jab, and move on to throwing straight power punches. Practice footwork to maintain proper boxing stance while moving in any direction. Include sparring sessions in boxing training to develop muscle memory, defensive notes, clinching and distancing.


Some tips for fishing for beginners include to read books about fishing, to not use an open-faced fishing reel, to check the weather before fishing and to bring food on the excursion. Furthermore, bug spray should be brought along, and it is important to know how to dress when fishing.


Some basic computer terms that beginners should know include URL, IP address, driver, malware and firewall. The terms URL, malware, and IP address are used in the context of the Internet in general, while the other terms are usually used when talking about individual computers.


Before planting a garden, perform a soil test to determine whether amendments are necessary, make the needed amendments, and add organic compost to the soil to improve drainage and provide the plants nutrients. Determine which areas of your lawn receive full sun, and plant vegetables and perennial f