Gold comes from almost every continent, with China and Australia the largest producers as of 2015, according to Mining Technology. A team of Harvard scientists believes that gold is formed when two neutron stars collide,... More »

Pomander balls, a fragrant ball made of perfume, or the case used to hold such balls, originated in 13th century France, probably as a product of the French perfume industry, according to The word "pomand... More » Beauty & Fashion Perfume & Cologne

Silver is found in pure metal deposits such as horn silver or argentite and can also be obtained together with deposits of ores comprised of copper, lead or gold. Silver has been used by humans for around 5,000 years and... More »

Gold stamped "925" is probably gold-plated sterling silver. The "925" is part of a precious metals hallmark system, but only silver is denoted "925," or 92.5 percent, pure. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems

Gold does not have a smell, and it is also tasteless. It is a dense, soft and inert metal that has been sought after and used since antiquity. Gold is often found in free form, though it can also be extracted from minera... More »

Gold got its name from the Anglo-Saxon word for the element, which is simply "gold." The word might have been influenced by the Sanskrit word for gold, which is "jval." The chemical symbol for gold is "Au." This is an ab... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems

Gold in its purest form does not leave black or green marks on skin, but the other metals mixed in with gold jewelry, such as copper, nickel and silver, can cause discoloration on skin. Discoloration usually occurs when ... More »