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Fungus gnats love to bug house plants. These insects (Bradysia spp.) are tiny, mosquito-like nuisances. While they tend to cluster in clouds around your plants, they do not bite and are considered harmless, though annoying. They can, however, transfer root rot or foliage pathogens from a sick plant to a healthy one. ...


A few stray gnats can quickly explode into a swarm in a matter of days. These pests can damage plants and cause a great deal of frustration. Even worse, if not dealt with, the population will only continue to grow. Here are a few home remedies you can use to get rid of gnats if you don't want to resort to harsh chemicals.


Gnats are tiny, pesky insects that can be harmful to humans, home pets, and house plants. They spread diseases and infections to both humans and animals as well as carry disease-causing parasites.. There are two common types of gnats. The first is the type that swarms aquatic bodies, especially stagnant water bodies, in large quantities.


Home Remedies for Killing Fruit Flies and Gnats. The following infographic highlights the home remedies you can easily apply at home to get rid of gnats and fruit flies overnight. 1. Buy a Fruit Fly Trap The easiest and most convenient way to get rid of fruit flies and gnat is by purchasing a fruit fly trap, such as this disposable fruit fly ...


Control annoying little fungus gnats with homemade dish soap sprays or ... Lightly spray the soil and foliage to quickly kill the fungus gnats. Leave the plants outdoors for 24 hours before taking ...


Hence, it must be used carefully and diligently. It is the sole answer to your question regarding how to kill gnats. 13. Homemade Gnat Spray. Of many homemade remedies to get rid of gnats one is to prepare a homemade gnat spray that acts as an insect repellent using appropriate composition of lemon scented dish wash and water. 14. Fruit Juices


Cinnamon’s fungicidal properties kill the fungus on rotten fruit or food, which is the primary food source for fungus gnat larvae. Toward of gnats in your garden and potted plants, sprinkle some cinnamon powder around your plants, and anywhere there are gnats to prevent an infestation. Gnat Repellent Home Remedies Using Essential Oils


Treat leaves of a gnat-infested plant with a homemade insecticidal soap. Make the blend yourself by pouring 2 tablespoons each of liquid castile soap and a vegetable oil such as olive oil, plus a ...


This homemade spray also works to deter spiders and ants. 5. Lemon-Scented Liquid Dish Soap. A lemon-scented, soapy solution is another good option to keep your indoor plants free from gnats. The gnats will be attracted to the lemony smell and the soap will kill them.


Gnats may appear around sink drains, especially in the kitchen. The darkness and dampness a drain provides is an ideal atmosphere for gnats to lay eggs. One of the easier home remedies for gnats involves using cooking oil and ammonia in order to trap and kill them and their larvae.