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A wire capacity chart shows the maximum current capacity for a specific wire run. Besides the current-carrying capacity, the chart also shows the wire size, the resistance and the skin effects of an American wire gauge cable.


Engine oil capacity is the recommended amount of oil an engine should have, according to HowStuffWorks. Overfilling the engine with oil can lead to oil spreading to other parts of the car. An engine without enough oil is prone to overheating due to a lack of lubrication.


Vehicle oil capacities are the maximum amount of motor oil that specific vehicles can hold. They are typically available online at oil manufacturer or dealer websites, including UltimateSyntheticOil.com and EngineFluidCapacity.com.


Oil futures charts are used by investors and traders to manage risk by analyzing both the current and historical prices of oil futures, as well as the critical data contained in the oil futures charts themselves. A thoroughly comprehensive oil futures chart is essential to profitably trading in oil


A motor oil chart is a chart that displays and ranks the various grades of motor oil viscosity. Viscosity is determined by measuring the time it takes for a standard amount of oil to flow through a standard orifice, at standard temperatures.


A good source for a transmission fluid capacity chart is the Torque Converters, Inc website. The company’s transmission fluid capacity chart shows the fluid capacities of several General Motors, Chrysler and Ford automatic transmissions.


"GM" is used to refer to the General Motors Company. GM is an American-based multinational company whose headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan. The corporation distributes, markets, manufactures and designs vehicles and various vehicle parts and also sells financial services.


Oil price history charts display how much a barrel of crude oil cost during specific time periods using lines and graphs. Professional investors use financial websites that offer charts and graphs such as MacroTrends.com to compare oil prices from different time periods.


An essential oil use chart is a list of different aromatherapy oils that also specifies the different applications and properties for these natural products derived from herbs and plants. Essential oils have a long history of use in alternative medicine for the treatment of different ailments, repor


To measure vehicle oil capacity, park the vehicle on a flat level, and turn off the engine for at least 10 minutes before locating the oil dipstick and removing it from the pipe. Wipe the oil dipstick with a clean, lint-free rag, and put it back into the pipe. Pull the dipstick out again, and then c