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A quick weave is a hairstyle that allows individuals to attach extensions to the hair. The individual’s natural hair is protected by a cap or a liquid-gel concentration that protects it from the bonding glue.


The bob and the pixie are some short hairstyles that can be created with a quick weave. The hair can be styled in feathered layers in a bob or in a spiky style near the top of the head for a pixie cut.


Some short, quick-weave styles include a bob, a bowl cut and a pixie cut. The fastest and most efficient way to install these weaves is by using a weave or wig cap. No mater what style has been chosen, a quick weave is an easy way to change the look of the user's hair in under an hour.


A chic braid weave is an easy way to style black hair. This requires hair to be cornrowed in a slated Mohawk, after which a large braid is cornrowed by starting in the center and twirling it to lay flat.


The earliest recorded uses of hair weaves occurred in Ancient Egypt around 3500 BC. These weaves predate other known weaves by over 500 years and were used primarily by nobles to enhance beauty and to create elaborate fashions in accordance with current trends.


To sew a weave, pin hair away from where you want the weave. Braid cornrows in continuous patterns or sections. Sew the ends of the braid with needle and thread. Working from the back of head, sew hair extensions into each cornrow, keeping the top as flat as possible.


Weaves are hair extensions that exists for a number of different hair types. According to Allure, the most popular types of hair extensions are fusion, tape-in, and sew-in weaves.


Weaves made from virgin hair with intact cuticles are more expensive; however, the weave lasts longer and looks more natural. A customer may ask a stylist for a custom blend of hair if her natural hair texture lies somewhere between two styles of extensions.


To dye a weave, wash and comb it, dry it overnight, mix and apply the dye, rinse the weave, wash and condition it and let it air dry. This overnight procedure requires foil, towels, water, hair dye, developer, an applicator bottle, a bowl, latex gloves, shampoo, conditioner and a comb.


Synthetic glues like Elmer's are made of polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsions. The word emulsion refers to the fact that the PVA particles have been emulsified or suspended in water. The thinner the glue, the more water it has in it.