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Some diabetic testing strip manufacturers provide a limited supply of strips to low-cost and community clinics for distribution to uninsured and low-income patients, according to the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. A patients should inquire whether his physician participates in this program


The best way for an individual to obtain free supplies such as glucose test strips is to check with his insurance company or with Medicare, suggests Mayo Clinic. Strips are sometimes covered if they are prescribed by a physician. Some nonprofit organizations provide free nonprescription test supplie


LifeScan OneTouch, Roche Accu-Chek and Abbot FreeStyle are three examples of glucose meters that companies offer for free. Manufacturers give away free testing meters in the hope that customers continue buying their testing strips. However, many also offer discounts and payment programs for their te


Blood glucose strips for diabetes are available at local and online pharmacies, according to WebMD. Medicare beneficiaries may use the Medicare National Mail-Order Program to have blood glucose strips for diabetes delivered to their homes or to a local participating store for pickup, notes the Ameri


Doctors determine if a person has high blood glucose using a blood glucose test, which provides a measurement of sugar levels through a blood sample, according to MedlinePlus. Higher than normal blood glucose levels may indicate prediabetes, diabetes, uncontrolled diabetes or other health conditions


Patients can get cheap Contour glucose test strips by purchasing bulk amounts from online retailers such as Amazon.com. On the site, a box of 200 strips is available for around $45 and a box of 100 for around $25 as of June 2015.


The chemical test for glucose is the Benedict’s solution test. This test exposes glucose to a clear blue solution of sodium and copper salts. In the presence of glucose the solution turns a red color, reports The Science Company.


Glucose is a white crystalline sugar found in many fruits, animal tissues and fluids. It has half the sweetness of ordinary sugar, or sucrose, and is also referred to as a starch syrup, according to Dictionary.com.


The best glucose meters for accuracy include Accu-Chek Aviva, TRUEresult and Accu-Chek Compact Plus, according to About.com. The key to finding the right glucose test meter is for individuals to consider cost, ease of use and accuracy.


Glucose is formed through photosynthesis, which is a process performed by plants with energy from the sun. The synthesis process in glucose is performed in chloroplasts in the plant leaves.