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Do you want to know which mobile phone number belongs to which network? Below is a list of mobile number prefixes used by Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Red Mobile, Talk ‘N Text, and Touch Mobile. This list is useful for those who often subscribe to unlimited text or call services. Prefix Network 0813 Smart 0817 Globe (VOIP) 0905 Globe or Touch Mobile 0906 Globe or Touch Mobile 0907 Smart or ...


“Is your number Globe or Smart?” That’s a question that I often encounter, and probably you have, too. That is why we’ve come up with this handy guide to mobile number prefixes in the Philippines, which you can refer to if you want to know if a particular number belongs to Globe or Smart.


Smart and Talk ‘N Text. Smart Communications is another one of the biggest telecommunications company in the country. One of the duopoly, the other one being Globe Telecoms. Talk ‘N Text or TNT caters mostly to the mobile needs of the masses. Smart and TNT numbers


There are many mobile number prefixes across Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Talk ‘N’ Text, Cherry Prepaid and ABS-CBN Mobile so it’s easy to forget which network a prefix belongs to but now there are a few simple solutions that will answer all your questions about what networks your contact use.


Hopefully, you won’t find yourself again asking what mobile network 0955 number prefixes are, or searching again “0999 what network”. Thanks for reading 0955 NETWORK: LIST OF MOBILE NUMBER PREFIXES 2018. Stay tuned for our article about the full list of Globe Promos, and Globe Postpaid Promos.


Meaning, if you have a Smart number and you contact them, the amount you need is the same as what you need to contact a Smart subscriber. Touch Mobile (TM), however, is an extension of Globe. The same rules apply so you don’t need to worry about spending more if you are a Globe subscriber and if you want to contact a TM number.


Smart – Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, Talk n Text, Sun Cellular mobile number prefixes list. Globe – Globe, TM (Touch Mobile), ABS-CBN mobile number prefixes list. Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes. Three Major Providers in the Philippines: Smart, Globe and Sun


And for all of you out there who are still wondering what networks a number belongs to, here is the list of all mobile network prefixes in the Philippines that are included in the PreFIX PH App. This is the 2018 Updated Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes.


Smart, Globe, Sun Prepaid Number Prefixes 2020 (Updated) Most of us check to what mobile network a phone number belongs to before texting or calling. In this way, we will know if that phone number has the same network as we do. Because if it’s not, it might cost us our regular load to communicate with them.


Are you trying to call or do you want to know what network 0945 belongs to? Is it Globe or Smart? Check if 0945 belongs any of these networks: Smart Communications, Globe Telecoms, Sun Cellular, Talk 'n Text, Touch Mobile