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To give yourself a buzzcut, stand in front of a large mirror and hold a smaller mirror in your hand. Place a #3 guard on your clippers and turn it on, then start at the back of your head and move the clippers up to your ear level. Use an ear guard to buzz around your ears, then buzz from your ear up to your temples.


The buzz cut is one of the most timeless haircuts a man can get, and it’s also the easiest to do yourself. With a few simple tools and a bit of practice, you can give yourself professional-quality buzz cuts without having to wade through year-old magazines at your local barber’s shop.


From army recruits to Brad Pitt, the buzz cut has been a go-to style for men since the invention of clippers. And whether you’re trimming down for summer or just switching up your look, you can ...


Before giving yourself a buzzcut, you may want to watch a barber do it either on youtube or in person. Pay close attention to what he's doing.


Giving a buzz cut requires little preparation and should only take a few minutes. Step1: If hair is longer than an inch, trim it with scissors first to where it is a fingers width from the scalp. This will make it easier when you use the clippers.


Before you make a trip to the barbershop to get a buzz cut, be sure you know which variation you want and what clipper setting it uses. If you walk into a barbershop and just ask for a buzz cut, your barber might give you a super short cut or a super long one.


The following epic guide has already helped thousands learn how to cut your own hair short at home. It is fully illustrated and gives you just the right amount of information to avoid the common pitfalls. ... How to give yourself a fade 7. How to cut the top short 8. Clean up the hairline with clippers 9. Style your hair Extra tips Conclusion ...


To give yourself a fade, start with a low-numbered guard on your electric clippers, like a #2, and cut a row of hair all the way around your head. Move slowly from the bottom of your head, sweeping the clippers upward as if you were scooping ice cream.