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There are some events in scripture where brothers or sisters of Jesus are not shown, e.g., when Jesus was lost in the Temple and during his crucifixion. This is argued to support the view that "brothers" of Jesus are not blood brothers or siblings, although some reject this. [citation needed]


A second Roman Catholic argument is that Jesus’ brothers and sisters were the children of Joseph from a previous marriage. An entire theory of Joseph's being significantly older than Mary, having been previously married, having multiple children, and then being widowed before marrying Mary is invented without any biblical basis.


I wrote this song as kids are always asking "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" but I was fed up with textbooks and teachers telling them to say things like "How many members in your family?"


I finally reached a point where I couldn’t take it any longer, so I tried a new approach. For a few years, each time someone asked me if I had any brothers or sisters, I would say that I did have a brother, but I would try to give as few details as possible. I wouldn’t mention that he died.


a. I don't have any brothers or sisters. b. I don't have brothers or sisters. c. I don't have a brother or a sister. a´Do you have any brothers? b´Do you have brothers? c´Do you have a brother? I can't find any grammatical errors in these sentences above. I can't tell the differences in meaning, either. If they're all correct, do they mean ...


Donald Trump has four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. One of his brothers, Fred Trump Jr., passed away in his early 40s. Trump will speak about his siblings during his speech to the RNC ...


The evidence may seem clear, but scripture scholars and theologians have been debating these and other passages for nearly two millennia, arguing whether those brothers and sisters were in fact biological siblings, step-siblings, “half” siblings, or not even siblings at all, but cousins.


If you want to give your brother a substantial cash gift, you can still avoid immediate taxation by using your unified credit. The unified credit is a lifetime exemption for gifts, rather than an annual one. However, it is non-renewable. Any amount you draw down from your lifetime unified credit will not be available to you upon your death.


Did Jesus have any brothers, sisters or siblings? Four men—James, Joses, Simon, and Judas—are mentioned as the brothers or siblings of Jesus. (See Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3.) There has been much discussion through the centuries as to the exact relationship of these men to Jesus. So the question remains, did Jesus have siblings?


If you are going to spend money, we encourage you to seek out low-cost activities, especially in the beginning. Play a game together, or share that pizza that you were going to have for lunch anyway. Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies offer donor-supported group activities that are a great way to meet other Bigs and Littles.